Love You Day And Month (2022)

Love You Day and Month (2022)

Other name: 爱上你的日和月Ai Shang Ni De Ri He Yue


The cleaning girl Ming Xiao Xiao and the domineering president Huo Yun Ting happen to meet at a resort because of a misunderstanding, and they become a pair of happy friends because of an unexpected kiss. Ming Xiao Xiao is simple and cute. Huo Yun Ting is cold-hearted and black-bellied but poisoned by a family traitor. Huo Yun Ting needs to hire a personal caretaker after being injured, so the two are forced to "cohabit" and live in together. Although there were a lot of misunderstandings and challenges in their short time together, there were also many sweet moments. The two gradually developed into a pair of intimate lovers who complement each other.

Country: Chinese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2022

Genre:Comedy; Drama; Romance; Web Series;

Airs: July 25, 2022


Feng Yi Yi (1999)

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