Miracle (2022)

Miracle (2022)

Other name: 멜랑꼴리아憂鬱症メランコリアMellangkolliaMelangoria미라클Milakeul


A romance drama about idols, and will depict the growth stories of youths overcoming hardships through love.

Country: Korean

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2022

Genre:Childhood; Corruption; Drama; melodrama; Revenge; Romance; School; Trauma; Drama; Romance; Youth;

Airs: July 25, 2022


Kang Chan Hee (Chani - SF9) (2000), Kang Min Ah (1997), Kim Yeong Kyoon (1999), Oh So Hyeon (1998), Noh Hyo Jeong (Lucy - Weki Meki) (2002), Kim Kwang Kyoo (1967), So Hee Jeong (1973), Hwang Bo Ra (1983)

Miracle (2022) Trailer: