This Love Is Like A Song (2020)

This Love Is Like A Song (2020)

Other name: 반환구원의 통역이사람통역이되나요환혼Hwan HonGuwoneui TongyeokCan This Person Be Translated?Salvation InterpreterWelcomeSoul MarriageResurrectionReturnใต้โต๊ะทำงาน The SeriesTai Toh Tham Ngan The SeriesTai Toh the Series此爱如歌此愛如歌Ci Ai Ru GeSong From LoveЭта любовь как песня


A female general who gave her heart to the wrong man embarks on the road of revenge!

Ling Yun Ge is an invincible female general who has won the world for the sake of her beloved to help him become the crown prince. However, her sincerity has been met with betrayal and deception. Upon her return, she becomes the heavenly woman and to have her is to gain the world. Finally, she has gotten her revenge and began to see the person who has been standing by her all this time. Who would have thought everything was planned by Mu Yun Lan.

Is the truth really what it seems?

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre:Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Historical; Magic; Romance; Comedy; Sitcom; Workplace; Betrayal; Drama; Historical; Novel; Revenge; Romance; Web Series;

Airs: July 25, 2022


Melody Ma (1997), Liu Tai Yu (1996), Wang Zhi Yong (1990)

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